Vita (abr.)

Rodrigo Fernós


2011              Ph. D.     University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. History Department.
                      Thesis: “Nuestra Telefónica”: La Nacionalización de la Puerto Rico
                      Telephone Company (PRTC), 1974. Director: Fernando Picó.
1997              M.A.  University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. History of Science &
                      Technology Deptartment.
                      Thesis: On the Colonial Encounter of Medical Systems and the Image of
                      Africa: Sir Hans Sloane, Edward Long, and Slaves in British Jamaica.
                      Director: John Eyler.
1990              B. A. University of Texas, Austin. History Department.
                      Concentration: History, Literature.
1986-1987     Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts).
                      Concentration: History of ideas.


Associate Professor, Biology Dept. (UPR, Rio Piedras), 2018
Notable Achievement:  Introduced a relatively  new field of study (evolutionary psychology) and conceptual analysis to the problems of ethics in science, placing these concepts in a comparative historical framework.

Associate Professor, Honors Program (UPR, Rio Piedras), 2017-2018
Notable Achievement: Recontextualized the history of Puerto Rico from the point of view of the history of science, specifically as seen in the light of natural history during the colonial period. Introduced an innovative ‘problem solving approach’ by requesting the students generate their own historical interpretation to the available information.

Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, Natural Sciences Faculty, University of Puerto Rico(2015-17)
Notable Achievement: Wrote a comprehensive textbook in the history of science, using the latest studies in the field, which identified key development obstacles in their respective historical epochs.

Independent Researcher, Instituto de Estudios del Caribe, University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico) 2013-2014.
Notable Achievement: Synthesized the complex histories of science (history of chemistry) and social history (sports history) into a coherent whole, providing the latter with a richer explanation for its particular historical development.

Instructor, History Department, InterAmerican University (Cupey, Puerto Rico). 2011-2013.
Notable Achievement: Created a nuanced analysis of international relations in the Caribbean and Latin America, offering a history of science perspective to such relations.

Researcher, History Department, University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras, Puerto Rico), 2008-2010.
Notable Achievement: Generated a comprehensive bibliography of nearly 1,000 citations pertaining to island histories in the Pacific Ocean that fit within a particular research criteria.

Administrator,  Chula Vista properties, San Antonio Texas. 2007.
Notable Achievement: Using English and Spanish language fluency, a successful mediation and conflict resolution between owners and labor was obtained.

Instructor, History Department, University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras, Puerto Rico), 2002-2006.
Notable Achievement: Wrote a comprehensive textbook on the global history of science in Latin America, which did not exist at the time.

Medical transcriptionist, ARTEXT, (San Juan, Puerto Rico), 2003-4.
Notable Achievement: Enhanced the output efficiency of transcripts by programming Microsoft Word macros and other advanced features, including the production of comprehensive output listings on a weekly basis.

Salesman, Island Computer, (San Juan, Puerto Rico), 2002.
Notable Achievement: Worked extra hours to successfully help clients obtain lost digital data on a diverse range of medium and platforms, and quickly oriented potential clients to available products and solutions suitable to their needs.

Volunteer Work
Graphic artist, Centenary of Robinson  School, Alumni Association (Santurce, PR) 2002.
Notable Achievement: Created a 20 page brochure, incorporating historical images as a contextual background to textual data, and prepared a brief description of the school’s history.

Webpage designer, Various, 2001-2017.
Notable Achievement: Creation of diverse number of web pages with emerging technologies, and provided assistance to various NGOs with regard to technologies most suitable to their needs.

Video digital processing, Various, 2003-2017.
Notable Achievement: Drastically expanded the diffusion and availability of isolated congress presentations, bypassing traditional physical limitations by using digital-electronic media and communications systems, while at the same time creating a high-ranking comprehensive database of said presentations.


• Long term experience with Content Management Systems: installation, configuration, plugins
Postnuke (2002-2008), PHPFusion (2010-2015), Dotclear (2015-2019, current)
• Commercial Platform CMS installation and configuration: OpenCart (2017)
    -Complete commercial functionality setup: credit card processing, shipping, inventory
•  Evaluation of 50+ CMS systems to determine most suitable for particular need and resources
    -Included installation, testing, and performance evaluation
    -Samples included but not limited to:
        Cultural archives: Omeka, Archive Space
        Commercial: Prestashop, Zencart, Magneto, Tomato Cart
        Traditional: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress
        Organization: Expression Engine, ModX, Concrete5, Type3,
            Silverstripe, XOOPS, Textpattern
        Miscela: Open Classifieds
• MySQL, CMS administration software
    -MySQL lite, Sequel Pro, MAMP, MAMP Pro, MySQL Workbench, VSSH, R
• Security https security implementation
    -htaccess, Let's Encrypt, Cloudflare, VSSH
• Website design software, html programming
    -Coda, BBedit, Subethaedit, Hyperedit
• Light web design software
    -Sandvox, Rapidweaver, Hype, iWeb
        -Included plug-in implementation for Rapidweaver
            -blocks, rapid cart, rapid link, coverflow, etc.
        -Included stacks implementation for Rapidweaver
            -menustacks, forms, parallax, etc.
• Sftp software:  Transmit, Forklift, Filezilla, Cyberduck, etc.
• Rank monitoring software: Advanced Web Ranking (2004-2008)
• Social platform policies to enhance visibility and boost ranking: Twitter and Youtube
    -Included usage of automated uploaders  of video clips (Youtube)
• Establishment of a subscription based archival platform with blocked access using Paypal

• Comprehensive operational system knowledge of:
    -Apple Macintosh: OX, MacOS
        OS9: 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
        OSX: 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.9
        MacOS: 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
    -Commodore 64, Basic
        -Simple programming: qbert game, word processor, bach piano (1982)
• Adequate operational system knowledge
    -Linux: Ubutnu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS
        -Evaluationof a range of linux distros: Debian, CentOS, etc.
    -Windows 7
• Computer hardening (security)
    -Firmware level hardening (OSX)
    -Operational system level hardening
-Apple operating systems as OSX, MacOS
        -Per specifications of Apple "Mac OSX Security Configuration"
            ver 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 (2010)
        -Included careful monitoring of user priviledges and changes to ACL
            -BatCHmod, Lingon, BlockBlock, etc
    -Network hardening (see below)
        -Included software monitoring software installed on computer
            -Little Snitch, Intego, Norton, DNS Crypt, etc.
        -Included implementation and configuration of diverse IP firewalls
            -Wateroof, Ice Floor, etc

• Comprehensive operational knowledge of diverse UTM/firewall operating systems
    -PFsense, Ubiquity, Fortinet FortiOS, Zyxel ZyWall
• Maintenance and upgrade of resources (signatures) and firmware of diverse UTM/firewall operating systems
    -PFsense, Ubiquity, Fortinet FortiOS, Zyxel ZyWall
•  Testing and maximization of networking speeds with existing resources
    -testing and proper arrangement of ethernet cabling, etc
    -selection and repair of proper telephone and network cabling (5, 5e, 6, etc)
• Proper configuration of networking equipment (switches, routers)
    -Netgear, TPlink, Cisco, Asus, Eero, Ubiquity
• Networking Security (hardening)
    -Network separation techniques as fragmented y topography, double nat routing, etc.
    -VLAN configuration, wifi separation, radius server, vpn, etc.
• Selection and configuration of adequate secondary hardware, appropriate to network topology
    -Printers, webcams, USB accessories, etc.
• Comprehensive  operational knowledge of diverse systems: QNAP, Synology, Apple server
• Testing and use of diverse storage platforms
    - Sonnet D500P, DROBO, LaCie, Iomega, Infortrend
• Implementation of long-term external storage solutions: MDisc
• NAS hardening and security configuration: QNAP, Synology
    -Techniques include, but are not limited to: UPNP blocking, blocklist IP,
DDOS attack protection, gateway access limitation, ZeroTier, VSSH
• Synology NAS plugin/program installation and use
    -MariaDB, Mail Station, Radius Server, Hyperbackup, Resilio Sync, etc.
• Establishing storage policy protocols for proper temporary and long term solution
    -3-2-1 storage and restoration procedures

Physical Security
• Implementation of two factor authentication: Yubikey
    -Implementation OSX, MacOS, virtual machines, and other platforms
• Configuration of surveillance systems: Qsee, Reolink, Synology Surveillance Station
    -Configuration of computer surveillance software
        - Securityspy, Monitormymac, Intego
• Installation and configuration of diverse electricity backup systems
    -APC (server grade systems), Cyberpower, GoalZero solar system
    -Evaluation of electrical consumption, restoration, solar path, yearly solar hours, etc.
• Implementation of humidity protection of digital data: NeverWet (Rustoleum), DampRid

Simple computer repair (hardware)
• Hard drive replacement and configuration
    -MacMini (nearly all models), PowerMac (1997), G5, MacPro (2009)
• PCI card  expansion and configuration
    -PCIe expansion cards, SSD, M.2, etc
• Computer models repaired (all Apple Co. computers):
    -iBook, MacMini (all versions), PowerMac 7200, iMac (dome), G5, MacPro (2009)

• Virtual machine software: VMware, Docker
    -Preparation, installment, configuration, hardening
    -Includes installation of hardware emulators (2000-2019)
• Security software applications
    -Truecyrpt, PGP desktop, PGP Full Disk Encryption, PGP Shredder,
        PGP Viewer, Prot-on, Zenmap,  Wireshark, Waterroof,
        rootkit chekers (CheckMate, OSXrkhunter), lanscan,
        Little Snitch monitor,  IceFloor, Lingon, BatCHmod, etc.
• Database software: Filemaker Pro Server, Filemaker Pro (full installation)
    -Database accessible to all employees in a commercial facility
    -Complex database design and integration
• Light security software applications (for Apple computers)
    -Norton Systemworks, Intego Netbarrier, Apple Remote desktop,
        Dropsecure, R10Cipher, etc
• Microsoft Word macro manipulation
    -Automatic production of listing based on entry document selection
    -Automatic modification of text per programmed key for batch processing
• Microsoft Excel hypothetical financial scenarios modeling
• Network mapping software as Gephi, GPSyX, etc
• Image manipulation and document layout
    -Apple Automator, Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Acrobat Pro, etc.
    -Graphic Converter, GIMP, Acorn, Photoexpress, etc.
• Audiovisual manipulation
    -Quicktime, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Sorenson Squeeze,
    -iLife 2006-2011, current
    -Macx video converter, iTunes, audacity, visualhub, podner, SWF
        ffmpeg, Vvuescan,
• Antiquated software (OS9, extensions, etc)
    -ghost, stuffit Delux, Techtool Pro, Retrospect Express,
        maclink plus deluxe, foldersynchronizer, disk partitioning
        NetToolbox, RCD default, pacifist, onyx, print center repair
        Mac Addict CD catalog (1-93) databackup, carboncopycloner,    
        mailsteward, contactizer pro, cocktail, diskwarrior, filebuddy,
        ipartition, iDefrag, keyboard maestro, nettoolbox, peekaboo, plist
        checker, RAM disc creator, raid monitor, smart reporter,
        thermograph, pather/tiger/snowleopard cache cleaner,
        uninstaller, xbech, xsupport, !zingg, vidalia, temperature
        monitor, drop nuke, diskwarrior, invisibles 1.4,
    -iMmovie addons: Slick iMoive special effects (vol 1-4)
        popcorn, podner, SWF n Slide, SoundGrinder, VisualHub
    -macfamily tree, my looc, hyperedit, novamind, image stiching                
software, AppleWorks


Organization founded by Fernós in 2001, website established on November 2002.  By 2008, the site contained more than 3,500 articles and editorials, with more than 80 videotaped conferences containing some 500 lectures.  Google page rank of 6.  Institutional links to the Arecibo Observatory, the Sierra Club of Puerto Rico, ACEER (Alianza Ciudadana para la Educación en Energía  Renovable), the Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation, and the Society of Planification in Puerto Rico, amongst others.


Archivo Gonzalo Fernós López (
Digital archive of public papers of Architect/Lawyer Gonzalo Fernós López. Fernós Lopez designed the first parking building in Puerto Rico, initiated legal precedent in the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, and fought numerous environmental battles. 101 GB, 100,000 pages. 2013.

Gonzalo Fernós Maldonado and the Space for Science (
Companion website to book “G. Fernós Maldonado y El Espacio para la Ciencia en Puerto Rico”, compiling the majority of of photographs, architectural designs, and interviews obtained while researching the book.  Family history, professional development, structures built are some of the pieces of information found therein.  2012.

Archivo ICTAL (
Digital repository of 130+ conferences and nearly 1,000 lecturers on science, technology, and medicine related topics in Latin America nad Puerto Rico.  Material dating between 2003 and 2017 is included in a wide range of audio and video formats.

Colecciones ICTAL (
Digital repository of digitized primary sources pertaining to history of science in Latin America and Puerto Rico.  Topics covered in the repository include the Pan American Scientific Congresses, the Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Bailey K. Ashford, Gonzalo Fernós López, and the Peynado and Peynado lawfirm.  More than 60,000 sheets of documentation included.


Amistad y Progreso: Los Congresos Científicos Pan Americanos, 1898-1916.  (Aventine: 2003), 280 pp.
Science Stillborn: The Rise and Impact of the Pan-American Scientific Congresses, 1898-1916. (iUniverse: 2003), 274 pp.
Medicine and International Relations in the Caribbean: Some Historical Variants. (iUniverse: 2006),  278 pp.
En busca del fénix: La ciencia y su historia en América Latina. (AuthorHouse: 2006), 476 pp.
G. Fernós Maldonado y El Espacio para la Ciencia en Puerto Rico (Xlibris: 2013), 292 pp.
From Galieo to Boltzmann: A History of the Fragility and Resilience of Science  (VirtualBookworm, 2016), 401 pp.
Biology and Ethics (VirtualBookworm, 2018), 355 pp.
Atomic Surfer: The Diffusion and Development of Surfing in Puerto Rico. (forthcoming)

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